Epilim (Sodium Valproate) isnít the only medication to cause Fetal Valproate Syndrome.All Anti convulsants have some risk but Epilim has been clinically proven to hold higher risk.

Some medications prescribed for those with mental health conditions also cause Fetal Valproate Syndrome as they contain Sodium Valproate.

My Son has distinct facial characteristics which arenít a disability to him.Symptoms that present as disabilities are:

Autistic spectrum disorders

Severe speech impediment

Fine motor control impairment

Global developmental delay

Short sighted

Overlapping toes

Poor balance when running

He is 12 with a mental age of 3.

More information at www.oacs-uk.co.uk and www.contactafamily.co.uk

There are research studies dating back to 1984 when the condition was documented in Volume 19 of the American Journal of Medical Genetics.

If you are interested further, tap Fetal Valproate Syndrome into your search engine.

I have been fortunate to receive a fantastic quality service from Leicester Education Authority, Social Services, University Hospitals Leicester and Leicester Primary Care Trust.The British Red Cross and Leicester Sikh Community Centre have also provided a support worker so that Andy can attend playschemes.


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