Iím pretty sure that if David Cameron wanted to show how adequate the Consumer Protection Act is he would, and could over rule the Legal Services Commission decision not to fund the Epilim case.If he doesnít over rule the decision by the LSC and provide funding then he must agree that the case is poor.Heís an intelligent man and I donít believe he would disagree with 25 years of worldwide opinion that Epilim can cause birth defects.††

If he believes there are inadequacies in the Consumer Protection Act that have made this case poor, Will he be the prime minister that ensures legislation is amended?Will he leave legislation as it is but guarantee that anyone left disabled as a result of a pharmaceutical product is given a comfortable and secure future by the state?

I hope he either over rules the LSC decision and proves that the legislation as it stands is either adequate or inadequate and dependent on the outcome ensures changes are made to British law or, makes changes to The Consumer Protection Act immediately so that future Claimants have the opportunity to succeed.

MPs countrywide have been advised if they have constituents affected by Fetal Valproate Syndrome.

An Early Day Motion 1035 has been raised and over 70 MPs have signed it.How humiliating for an MP to be powerless in a situation like this.MPs across all parties, ministers included have met with claimantsí parents promising they will support EDM 1035.

MPs have also written to Rt Hon Kenneth Clark.

The issue has been raised in the House of Lords.

A petition has been handed into Downing Street requesting this case be heard in court.

An MEP has also raised the issue with the Department of Justice and the Legal Services Commission.

All of this campaigning has, in my opinion, resulted in exposing the flaws in The Consumer Protection Act and the reluctance and inadequacies of previous governments to do anything about it.

Yet again the drug companies have got away with their errors.The only people who appear to have benefitted are the shareholders.

Does the government have any power over the Legal Services Commission?


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