It was my belief that being part of the European Union was legally beneficial as membership would ensure a fair and just society.

It appears to me that we have been let down.I think the European court with itís European Directives should ensure that British citizens and those residing in the UK should be protected by the law.

The collapse of the Epilim case shows that the Consumer Protection Act doesnít protect the British consumer.Surely the EU Product Liability Directive should have picked up on any anomalies and insisted the UK make changes to legislation.

The European Directive on Human Rights requires there to be Access to Justice.This is also covered in the Human Rights Act 1998.If the Consumer Protection Act protected us then it is my belief that the Legal Services Commission would have granted Legal Aid and the Epilim case would have been heard in court.It is my opinion that our childrenís Human Rights have been violated by denying them Access to Justice so they can try and hold someone accountable for the lifelong injuries they have incurred.

I am hoping that the European Parliament will demand the UK government make changes to legislation so that we are protected.

The EU Human Rights directive seems to be defending prisonerís right to vote so why doesnít it protect an innocent childís right to justice.


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